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Going into summer I was very excited about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. It seemed the first tablet to really compete with the iPad and bring Honeycomb to the limelight. After realizing that I don’t have much of a need for a tablet I became very interested in Sony’s new PlayStation Vita. I ended up buying a Nintendo 3DS and never looked back. Why did I pass up two media darlings and buy a platform that has been largely a dud in sales?

I crossed the tablet off my list for the not-so-uncommon reason that I don’t consume a ton of media. I rarely watch movies at home, let alone have any to store on a tablet, and read very few books that I am not assigned. Many people I know who have tablets agree that it serves very little purpose other than to consume media. I almost never use a game on my phone after about a week and felt that tablet gaming would have similar issues with keeping my interest, especially on long flights.

Around the same time I was shying away from tablets Sony began to release more and more information on its upcoming Next Generation Portable and up until their E3 talk they held my attention. This is the story of how Nintendo made me a believer and why others should give Nintendo more credit for what they are doing.

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Are you happy with your current smartphone OS?  If not you might want to decide soon because it is becoming increasingly difficult to switch. Within a few years expect to become tied to a tech-osystem with little or no chance to switch.

In the past few weeks companies like Apple and Microsoft have made extensive product reveals that all point to one objective for tech companies: get you to become *insert tech company here* power users. That means buying any and all of their products from smartphones to tablets to PCs to game consoles and everything in between. They are doing this by tightly integrating all of their services and products so that owning more than one enables added functionality. This concept isn’t new, in fact it dates as far back as consumer technology itself. The difference is that these services are being integrated at a profound new level, the OS level, and being pushed across more devices than ever before.

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The Case for College

Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs. All three of them reached a point in their lives when they felt it was necessary to drop out of college and pursue something more important that would eventually award each with billions. These three men, and others like them, beg the question: why go to college?

The simple answer is that you need to go to college to get a job. Many will argue that the technical things you learn in the classroom are just too valuable to let go. Others, that the name of a college on your resume is what prevents your job application from being thrown away on arrival. But with tuition skyrocketing and the status of the educational system under constant questioning, more and more people are wondering whether or not it is worth it.

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Hello and welcome to my personal website and blog!

My name is Akash Badshah and you have just found the new home of my web presence. Though the site looks quite bleak right now, expect many changes soon, with updates to the style and functionality. Soon enough the site will be populated with information all about me, information on my latest research and projects, and posts regarding my feelings on happenings in the worlds of Science, Technology, and Education.

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